Ukraine & Kharkiv Researchers Support Foundation

Ukraine & Kharkiv Researchers Support Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to support the scientists who need to stay in Kharkiv through the war time for the purpose of continuing their projects and carrying out their ongoing duties.  Kharkiv is the second largest city in the Ukraine and the most bombarded metropolis. We suppose that the Foundation will provide aid for life science scholars, doctors, engineers and other scientists, and also their ongoing brave efforts during the war and post-war period.

Dear friends of Ukraine,

Russia’s  military aggression against Ukraine has had a significant impact on the funding of science in our country, our native city of  Kharkiv and Research  Centers based herein,  in particular the Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine (IPCC). Long days of  heavy bombardment and shelling of Kharkiv have forced our researchers and post-graduate students to work remotely or even to relocate because their homes were damaged.  Also, frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations have caused equipment failures and reagent deterioration, hindering our research progress.

Sadly, the Ukrainian war-affected budget can not provide an adequate financial allocation and support for science and scientists. To address this, we have established the non-profit “Ukraine and Kharkiv Researchers Support Foundation” to aid our colleagues in rebuilding their homes, repairing or replacing broken equipment, continuing their scientific projects, supporting the low-temperature bank, and promoting education through internships, trainings, master classes, and workshops in low-temperature biology and medicine.

Overall, these efforts will help to restore our research competence  and ensure our ability  to be  advanced in  science despite the challenging circumstances.

We hope that the donations from the people supporting Ukraine in these difficult times will help the Institute to survive during the war and revive when it ends.

Oleksandr Petrenko, Director of the Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine

We are currently raising funds for a liquid nitrogen generator, a crucial device for the Institute’s mission and for the preservation of vital resources.

Please support this aim (state “Charitable donation for liquid nitrogen generator” in the payment comment section).

Photo credits: 1 – Oksana Irvanets, Armiya Inform CC BY 4.0; 2 – Oleksandr Shylo (personal archive); 3 – Vasyl Holosnyi; 4 – Oleksandr Shylo (personal archive).