Council of Patrons

Dr. Jason Acker, Senior Research Scientist with the Canadian Blood Services and a Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.  His research program focuses on understanding the response of cells and tissues to ex vivo storage and the development of methods for their preservation and use as therapeutic products.  He is a Fellow and Past-President of the international Society for Cryobiology. Dr. Acker is actively involved in consulting with and advising companies and organizations developing biobanking and cell therapy programs and is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PanTHERA CryoSolutions Inc.

Professor John G. Baust, a Fellow and Past President (two terms) of the American College of Cryosurgery, a member of the American Urological Association Best Practices Panel on Cryotherapy of Localized Prostate Cancer, is Founding Editor and past Editor-in Chief of the journal Biopreservation & Biobanking, is the U.S. Delegate to and Commission President of the International Institute of Refrigeration and serves on the editorial boards of various journals. He has authored or co-authored more than 500 peer reviewed research and reviewed articles, book chapters and abstracts, holds dozens of patents in cryomedicine, serves on numerous grant review panels and consults extensively with government and industry. He co-edited the CRC text Advances in Biopreservation. Prof. Baust is Past President and a Fellow of the Society for Cryobiology. Prof. Baust has also served President and CEO of Cryomedical Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMSI) and BioLife Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLFS). In 2015 he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the journal Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment (TCRT). Prof. Baust has visited Kharkiv frequently and he is UNESCO Professor of Biological Sciences.

Professor Colin Green, IMET2000 Founder, Director of Overseas Development & Treasurer.

Prof. Roland Fleck, Director of Centre for Ultrastructural Imaging.

Prof. Barry Fuller, Professor in the Royal Free and University College of London Medical School, London has worked in the area of cryobiology applied to medicine in the University of London and latterly in UCL for more than 40 years. He published more than 500 papers and edited several books, including the most fundamental book in this field – ‘Life in frozen state’ that covered a vast area of science from the polar environment  to  plant and medical cryobiology. He is based at the Royal Free Hospital where his main work has been in organ and tissue preservation for patient transplantation. He is a founding member of
Tissue Access for Patient benefit providing a not-for-profit translational platform linking patients with ethically-approved research pathways. He is a Fellow of International Society for Cryobiology, Emeritus Member of the Society for Low Temperature Biology and British Transplantation Society, foreign member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and Professor in UNESCO Chair in Cryobiology.

Dr. Lilia Kuleshova. Dr. Kuleshova has a double Ph.D. in Physics and Biology and over 30 years of international experience in the biomedical field, conducting her research in Australia, Europe, Japan, and Singapore. In the clinical context, Dr. Kuleshova was the first scientist to achieve ice-free, long-term preservation of human oocytes that resulted in a live birth. This concept methodology is now recognized and implemented worldwide. Her invention removed the ethical problems associated with embryo cryopreservation for adults and is vital for young oncology patients. Following by her work at the Monash University in Melbourne, led by Dr.Kuleshova’s interdisciplinary lab at the YLL Medical School, National University of Singapore contributed to several areas of medical research involving cryobiology applied to tissue engineering. She is a co-author of books, including ‘Tissue Engineering’ and ‘Preservation o Human Oocytes’ writing on fundamentals of cryobiology. Dr. Kuleshova has been General Secretary of Society of Low Temperature Biology and serves on Editorial Board of Journal Cryobiology.

Dr. Pavel Mĕricka,  M.D., Ph.D; Head of the Tissue Bank University Hospital Hradec Králové, Czechia till 2017.  Presently, he is responsible for the Tissue Establishment and Medical Director of its Haematopoietic Cell Processing Facility. Over past 30 years,  his research primary focuses on cryopreservation of haematopoietic cells and cardiovascular tissue, and he is author of numerous papers on this topic. His teaching activity includes subject Basis of Harvest and Preservation of Tissues at the Medical Faculty, Charles University in Hradec Králové and he is guarantor of this course.  Dr. Měřička is long-standing member of the Society for Cryobiology, Society for Low Temperature Biology and European Association of Cell and Tissue Banks.

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