Cryopreservation and experimental transplantation of cells and tissues of mammalian testis using serum-/xeno-free solutions

Pakhomov Oleksandr

The objective of the research:

  • to develop serum-/xeno-free cryoprotective compositions based on polymers and permeable cryoprotective agents
  • to investigate their mechanisms of cryoprotection
  • to improve protocols for cryopreservation of testicular cells by using serum-/xeno-free cryoprotective compositions and manipulating cooling/warming rates, nucleation temperatures, and to assess the recovery of the cryopreserved material in vitro
  • to show the physiological functionality of the cryopreserved cells in vivo under transplantation with and without the removal of components of the developed cryoprotective solutions

In order to continue work on this project, it is necessary to purchase media for cell culture (Ham’s F12, DMEM F12), reagents (collagenase type 1 and 4, DNase, MTT), and special equipment (cryocontainers, 15 and 50 ml test tubes, plastic pipette tips, programmable freezer, differential scanning calorimeter, cryomicroscope).

We continue to work on this project even in the face of hostilities, air raids and power outages. Your help could help support the ongoing research in Ukraine. Thank you for your cooperation.

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