Development of preservation protocols for 3D bioconstructs to be used in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine projects.

Project by Prof. Oleksandr Petrenko

The team studies:

·         Properties of human mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) within 3D bioconstructs for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine projects.

·         MSCs sources: adult human bone marrow, adipose tissue, dermis, dental pulp, placenta, fetal tissues

·         Cryobiological profile of 3D MSCs-based  bioconstructs (capsules, spheroids,  macroporous scaffolds).

·         Therapeutic activity of MSCs conditioned medium

·         Experimental cell and 3D bioconstruct transplantation

State of the lab in wartime.  

Because of heavy bombing some walls and window frames have been cracked and temperature in laboratories was near 0 C° during winter.  Researchers remaining in Kharkiv were involved in repairing the  damaged walls to renew experiments.

Russian attacks to the city infrastructure led to emergency power outages. Sudden voltage drops cause a variety of problems for electronic equipment and computers, including hardware failure, data loss and deletion.  

In addition, voltage drops also impact the fridges. Long periods of downtime for refrigerators lead to temperature fluctuations, causing thereby the deterioration of reagents.

We look forward to the support of our laboratory in order to renew our scientific activity. Unfortunately, we recently experienced sudden voltage drops which led to equipment failure and deterioration of reagents. As a result, we are in need of funds to repair the equipment and purchase new reagents to continue our research.

We believe that our research is important and has the potential to greatly  contribute to the scientific community. With your support, we can get back on track and continue our research.

Your donation will go directly towards repairing our equipment and purchasing new reagents. Any contribution, no matter how small it will be, would be greatly appreciated and will make a significant impact on our ability to go on with our research.

If you wish to support this direction, please indicate in your payment:

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