Creation of a cryobank of reproductive cells of rare, endangered, domestic and laboratory animals of Slobozhanshchyna

The coordinators of the project:

DSc Prof.  Petrushko M.P.




Ph.D. Yurchuk T.



Relevance of the problem: The implementation of Ukraine in the European Union must provide for compliance with the requirements and norms of the international community, the most important of which is the provision of environmental protection. Ukraine has ratified all key international conventions and treaties in the field of environmental protection, ensuring their implementation with its own legislative and other normative legal acts. Our state is a member of the UN and, accordingly, has joined the work of all environmental protection organizations that operate under the auspices of the latter, is a sovereign party to more than twenty international agreements on environmental issues. Despite the fact that Ukraine occupies 5.7% of the area of Europe, at least 35% of European biodiversity (more than 70,000 species of animals and plants) is represented on its territory. Biodiversity is a valuable natural resource that needs to be protected and preserved. As a result of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, the natural habitats of animals are being destroyed or significantly disturbed. This leads to the loss of important ecosystems that support a variety of animal species. Conservation of animal species becomes important to prevent their extinction due to loss of suitable habitats.

Deterioration of the ecological situation, as a result of the war, creates significant problems for the preservation of rare and endangered species of animals. Unfortunately, a significant part of Ukraine’s natural landscapes is rapidly degrading under the influence of military aggression. As a result of anthropogenic factors, more and more species of animals and plants in Ukraine are under threat of extinction.

Therefore, the main task today is to preserve the biological diversity of Slobozhanshchyna. According to the research institute of biology of the Kharkiv National University, 386 species of animals are on the verge of extinction in the Slobozhan region. Biodiversity conservation is a national priority not only for stopping the unwanted trend of its decrease, but also for its reproduction. The only way to create such conditions is low-temperature preservation of reproductive cells.

The implementation of such an idea can become a good example for spreading work on cryopreservation of genetic material in other regions of Ukraine.

Project goal: The main goal of the project is to create a cryobank of animal reproductive cells to support the population of laboratory, rare and endangered animal species.

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