Restoration of the IPC&C facilities to preserve the fish genetic material

Coordinator of the project:

Anton Puhovkin, PhD

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Cryopreservation of fish sperm is one of the scientific directions of Institute activity. There is one of the first fish sperm cryobanks in Europe established in our organization. Because of the war it was noted about various ecological catastrophes including those related to the state of river basins. The issue of finding ways to restore ecosystems and biodiversity is more relevant than ever. These programs should involve the experience of the institute, the use of cryobiological inventions, in particular, resources of the cryobank.

At the same time, new genetic material should be stored in the cryobank as an important stage of the program for species reintroduction. In order to create conditions for preserving the fish genetic material using cryobiological methods, it is necessary to repair and restore the aquarium laboratory of the institute, which contains several pools for keeping broodstock. To do this, it is necessary to ensure sanitary conditions and eliminate the consequences of the destruction of the premises, restore the water circulation and filtration system, and the variable lighting and ventilation system of the laboratory.

Project goal: reintroduction of aquaculture offspring obtained from cryopreserved genetic material.

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