Development of technologies for long-term storage of microalgae and agricultural crops germplasm in Ukraine

Project of senior researcher

Nadiya Shevchenko


The scientific group investigates:

  • The effect of various environmental factors on the directed synthesis of biologically active substances by microalgae, the toxicity of nanoparticles on microalgae cells
  • Approach for low-temperature storage of agricultural crops, rare and endangered plant species seeds, pollen, buds of grapes and fruit and berry crops, meristems, microalgae
  • Processes that occur with plant objects of different levels of organization at the cryopreservation stages (osmotic reactions during the interaction of samples with cryoprotectants, their toxicity, crystal formation, initiation of crystallization, recrystallization and melting)
  • Properties of plant vitrification solutions
  • Technological approach that affect the yield of agricultural crops seeds.

State of the laboratory in wartime.

Due to active hostilities and missile strikes by russia, the collection of microalgae, seeds and field collection of grapes is at risk of destruction or damage. To preserve genetic material, it is necessary to develop methods for samples storing at the liquid nitrogen temperatures in a low-temperature bank.

As a result of the war, it became impossible to restore the differential scanning calorimeter. With the help of this device, scientists of many departments received information about the processes that occur at the stages of heating the samples. Due to the increase in the budget of Ukraine for military needs, the funding of the National Academy of Sciences as a whole and our Institute in particular has decreased. We got rid of the possibility of purchasing reagents, devices, various consumables with state funds.

For the purpose of effective work, we ask the international scientific community to find an opportunity to provide our Institute with a differential scanning calorimeter. Scientists of our laboratory need help in purchasing reagents and materials for further successful work aimed at plants genetic resources preserving and Ukraine restoring.

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