Supporting the low-temperature bank for the storage of cryopreserved samples and collections of genetic resources of endangered species, cells, and tissues for clinical use.

Every department of the Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine is associated with the cryobank, which belongs to the national assets of Ukraine. The Institute’s cryobank stores numerous collections of microorganisms and tissue samples, including elements of blood, stem cells, and genetic resources of endangered species (fish sperm samples from over 60 species – one of the oldest fish sperm banks in Europe; over thousand samples of autologous stem hematopoietic cells of human umbilical cord blood; over two thousand samples of plant seeds from IUCN Red List of Threatened Species). Funds raised under this project will be used to support the cryobank’s maintenance, modernization, and development, which is essential for preserving valuable biological resources and developing cryopreservation technology.

At war time there is instability of liquid nitrogen supply from nitrogen manufacturers. To avoid dramatic
consequences, the Institute needs to have its own liquid nitrogen generator. A liquid nitrogen generator would provide a reliable and consistent source of liquid nitrogen to the cryobank, ensuring that the valuable biological resources stored within it are properly maintained. Without such generator, the Institute would face significant challenges in preserving these valuable resources, which are essential for
developing cryopreservation technology and advancing research in the field of cryobiology and cryomedicine. Donation in a liquid nitrogen generator is crucial for the Institute’s mission and for the
preservation of these vital resources. 

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Charitable donation for Low-temperature bank support